Client's Rights and Responsibilities

At The Guidance Center, we promise to treat all clients with respect and dignity, provide a safe environment for services, and do everything in our control to ensure all clients are provided with the best services possible. 

As a client, you have a right...


  • To choose your provider of behavioral health services; you have the "freedom of choice".

  • To be accepted for services only if The Guidance Center has the ability to provide services of the type, and at the level, needed.

  • ​To be treated with dignity and respect as an individual who has personal strengths, needs, feelings, preferences, and abilities.

  • To privacy in your treatment, in your care, and in the fulfillment of your personal needs.

  • ​To be fully informed of all services available to you, and the charges for these services.

  • To be fully informed of your rights as a client, and of all rules and regulations governing your conduct as a client at The Guidance Center.

  • To manage your personal financial affairs; thereby, if you desire assistance, The Guidance Center will arrange appropriate assistance for you.

  • To participate in the development of your treatment plan.

  • To receive information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any services and/or treatment.

  • To refuse treatment to the extent permitted by the law, and to be informed of the consequences for this decision to do so.

  • ​To continuity of care, which means that you will not be discharged or transferred except for medical reasons, for your personal welfare, or for the welfare of others; therefore, should your transfer or discharge become necessary, you will be given reasonable advance notice, unless an emergency situation exist.

  •  To voice opinion, recommendations and grievances in relation to policies, staff, and services offered by The Guidance Center without fear of restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal.

  • To be free from physical, chemical and mental abuse.

  • To confidential treatment of your personal and medical records, in accordance with the agency's Notice of Privacy Practices.

  • To refuse to perform any service for the facility, or for other clients, unless they are a part of your therapeutic plan of treatment you have approved.

  • To all benefits and privileges guaranteed by Federal, State, and local law, except those specifically lost through the due process law.

  • ​To live in the community of your choice without restraints on your independence, except those restraints to which all citizens are subject.

  • To receive services without discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, domestic/marital status, political affiliation or opinion, veteran's status, physical/mental handicap or ability to pay for services.

  • To access guardians, self-help groups, advocacy services and legal services at any time. Access mat be facilitated through your assigned clinician.

As a client, you have a responsibility to...


  • Fully participate in your plan of care, including taking medications as prescribed and agreed upon by you and your provider.

  • Attend counseling and doctor's appointments as scheduled with you by The Guidance Center; you should call your counselor as soon as you know you need to cancel visits.

  • Treat other clients, and The Guidance Center staff, with courtesy and respect.

  • Behave in such a way as to protect yourself and others from any exposure to any infectious or communicable disease, including diseases that are sexually transmitted.

  • Follow all agency safety rules and posted signs.

  • Meet with the assigned workers on a regular basis at the office, your home, or other mutually agreed upon location.

  • Cooperate with your clinician(s) to receive and share information from others which is needed to access or coordinate services that you request.

  • Ask questions of The Guidance Center staff if you need information.

  • Agree that information contained in The Guidance Center record or hospital clinic record is always available to the treatment team.

  • Try, to the best of your ability, to achieve treatment and service goals that are planned.

  • Participate in services without the use of alcohol or illicit drugs.

  • Come to counseling, doctor, and group appointments on time.

  • Call The Guidance Center if you cannot make counseling, doctor, or group appointments.

Exp. 11/2021

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